Summer Hair and Care with Pastels

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Summer is so close we can almost taste it, and so it’s time to start planning our haircare and styles for the season ahead. For advice, we turned to senior stylist at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton Dubai, George Daly.

For summer, I visualise lived in messy waves with pastel hair colours.

The best way to create a lived-in look is to prep the hair with L’Oreal Techni Art Pli and then rough dry the hair to create texture and volume. Then I take my GHD irons and curl the hair in vertical sections so the irons slide straight down the hair and I leave the last inch of the hair out, which I then tease with the irons after they have been removed from the curl. Then blast the hair with a dryer and you will end up with a messy wave. For most people, however, to create this look using an iron can be a challenge, but there is an easier alternative.

Before you go to bed wash your hair. Then, with the hair still wet, prep it with Pli and then section it randomly and put each section into a braid leaving it overnight. The next morning, take the braids out, shake out the hair and the tousled waves will appear. If hair is very thick, you can blast it with a dryer on the cold setting to set it. Those with poker straight or finer hair could use a Salt Spray such as L’Oreal Techni Art Beach Waves, rather than Pli.

For clients with blonde hair, a great summertime look is to add soft pastel tones using hair chalks. This is really on-point and will channel a festival vibe. I think this season less is more, and so though braids will always be a go-to summer style, I think tousled waves will prove just as popular – if not more so – this season. - George Daly

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