R+Co X Helmut Lang

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Celebrity stylist and Cofounder of R+Co, Garren was busy backstage at the SS20 Helmut Lang show, where he used R+Co products to create the smooth and sleek styles that were seen parading down the catwalk.

Get the look:
  1. Create a natural centre parting and spray strands evenly from roots to ends with water using a spray mist bottle liberally, not dripping, to help get back natural hair texture.
  2. Spray DALLAS Thickening Spray well on to the hair, focusing on the top until just under the occipital bone, but not enough so it’s a wet look.
  3. Go in with a smoothing brush to get an overall smooth shape, keeping ears mainly covered.
  4. Apply flat covered clips to the front hairline above the ear and below, sides and top, to make sure it’s smooth with no flyaways.
  5. Apply HIGH DIVE Moisture + Shine Creme ($29) to the bottom of the hair, making sure tosandwich the product in gently to not disturb or open the shape. *Underneath and sides are important, as that will open as they walk and you don’t want it to be fluffy.
  6. Diffuse hair until it’s about 85% dry.
  7. Apply some edge control with DART Pomade Stick ($19) to most of the models and go over witha flat bristle brush to make sure the product is in and flyaways are sealed
  8. Check to see if any hairs have popped up while drying. Mist DALLAS Thickening Spray ($30) andpush down.
  9. Finish with VICIOUS Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray ($32).


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