R+Co X Anna Sui

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Celebrity Stylist and Co-Founder of R+Co, Garren was backstage at Anna Sui’s SS20 NYFW show where he used products from the line to create a Victoriana look, which is the designer’s take on nouveau bohemian.

Anna is using a very soft colour palette – soft pastels with some very neon pieces to it. It’s very bohemian, so we ended up calling it nouveau bohemian – or Victoriana. - Garren

A variety of products from the R+Co line were used to create three different Victorian looks.

Get the look:
  1. Begin by spraying the hair with SAIL Soft Wave Spray and DALLAS Thickening Spray to give the hair texture, and allow it to air-dry.
  2. Create a centre parting and section off the top of the head from one end of the eyebrow to the other end of the eyebrow, all the way to the crown. You should now be left with two sections.
  3. Back comb each section and twist hair away from the parting to create a crown for a Victorian feel. Twist into a messy kind of knot and tie.
  4. Leave hair on the sides out and natural. Pull a few tendrils out for a wispy feel.
  5. Flip the hair upside down and spray BALLOON Dry Volume Spray throughout. As the head is lifted, gather/catch the hair below the neck and create a low, messy ponytail using PSX Danielle Priano ponytail elastics.
  6. Spray OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray to securely hold the look.
  7. Finish with TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray to keep the texture going throughout.


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