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The time of year from winter to spring not only affects your skin (and mood!) but can have an impact on your hair too. One of the biggest nuisances: humidity, which causes flyaways and frizz. Here, ghd global ambassador, Adam Reed shares his top trade secrets to help humidity-proof your locks whatever the weather.

01. Cold Shot

Frizz control starts with the right water temperature, as cooler water temps can actually keep frizz at bay once it’s time to blow-dry. Once you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, rinse with a shot of cold water. This helps to seal the hair cuticle and get them ready for styling.

02. Smooth Strokes

Nylon bristles help to combat humidity and ensure smoothness and shine, as well as distribute the hair’s natural conditioning oils along the hair shaft. When using the ghd oval dressing brush (£20), always keep tension in the brush and brush in one fluid motion from the scalp to the ends of your hair. Brushing from the scalp ensures the follicles are stimulated in one direction, which in turn prevents frizz.

03. Downward Flow

The golden rules to combatting frizz are when drying hair - take your time to get the best results! You should always have the hot air blowing down the hair shaft from root to tip and use a concentrated air nozzle - this will seal the cuticle for perfectly smoothed, frizz-free, shiny hair.

04. Silky Sleep

Try a silk pillowcase. It serves multiple purposes by protecting your hair (and skin!) from the tugs and creases from a cotton pillowcase. It also reduces split ends and helps blow-dries last longer. Cotton absorbs the moisture in your hair, causing dryness and breakage.

05. Sealed In

Whether you have a short do or long locks, make sure you seal nifty flyaway and baby hairs by pressing the back of a styler or tong (I love the ghd platinum+ styler for this) onto the surface of your hair once your look is complete. Running the back of a warm styler across the top of your head (not only smoothes and defines, but is great for along the parting line!) helps to create added shine and seal down the hair cuticle.

06. Finishing Touches

Try a serum to coax flyaways back into place without any separation or greasiness. Lightly pump the serum into your palms, rub together and evenly distribute from mid-lengths and ends. Try using the ghd smooth & finish serum.

07. Glide

Use the ghd glide (£125) on second day hair to tame any flyaways. Each strand slides effortlessly through the tool with no tugging, and leaves the hair looking and feeling moisturised and glossy.

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