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The Red Carpet was recently rolled out for the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards in LA, where celebrity hairstylists Frederic Aspiras and Adir Abergel were on hand with ghd to style Lady Gaga and Charlize Theron.

See how to get the paparazzi-worthy looks below...

Lady Gaga

Hair by: Frederic Aspiras

Gaga wanted to feel like herself for the Golden Globes. Frederic was inspired by the incredible blue colour of the Valentino dress, and chose a sleek style to complement it.

Tips and Techniques:
  1. Comb through the hair with the ghd detangling comb
  2. Use ghd's natural bristle radial brush size 1 and the ghd air hairdryer (£99) to dry the hair
  3. Run ghd’s platinum+ styler (£175) throughout the hair to create a smooth finish
  4. Spray a smoothing serum throughout and use ghd’s oval dressing brush to sweep the hair up into a ponytail
  5. Wrap the twisted hair into a half bun, leaving the ends of the hair out and parted to each side of the head
  6. Wrap the ends of the hair around the ghd curve soft curl tong (£120) to create long lasting curls
  7. Finish by spraying hairspray
Charlize Theron

Hair by: Adir Abergel

For Charlize’s edgy and timeless style, Abergel was inspired by the duality of her beautiful linear Dior gown. Abergel notes,

The colour blocking in the dress inspired me to create complimentary contrast in the hair with the half-up style. I played with dual textures; high shine in the back with soft texture through the front.

Tips and Techniques:
  1. Create a deep side parting, and using the ghd air hairdryer (£99), blow-dry with a brush
  2. Using the ghd platinum+ styler (£175), flat iron the hair in sections for a shiny finish
  3. Follow with a de-frizzing cream, smoothing throughout from roots to ends
  4. Clip the top side-swept section away from the rest of the hair and brush the remainder of the hair away from the face so it lies flat against the neck
  5. Complete the style by taking sections of the hair from either side of the temple and secure it below the crown with elastic
  6. Lock in the look with a generous amount of hairspray for perfect hold and memory

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