Five Big Hair Trends this Autumn/Winter

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The big five (it’s like we’re on an African safari) hair trends for this autumn/winter have their roots firmly in the 90s.

With the party season fast approaching, a new hairstyle is the perfect accessory to show off to your friends and family. So to help you out on your next look, we’ve rounded up the top five trend styles for this season.

The bob

The bob is the king of cuts right now, and an ultra fresh look for autumn/winter. The bob works for most face shapes and can be styled to have more texture, be ultra sleek, or bold with a fringe.

The curly fringe

Speaking of fringes, they’re back this season in a big way, and they come curly! Curly fringes are low-maintenance and have a way of instantly transforming your face and bringing out your eyes. The best thing about the new curly fringe is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time styling them – just use a good spray to keep them defined or textured and off you go.

The heavy fringe

We told you fringes were big, and here comes the curls sister fringe, The Heavy! If your hair is naturally straight or slightly wavy then opt for a heavy fringe. Heavy, lash-grazing fringes give an instant look, whether you are wearing your hair straight, wavy or in an up-style. Be aware that heavy fringes do require more maintenance and grooming so make sure you can commit to this look.

The curly lob

The curly lob is an easy style that looks pretty great on almost anyone. Use some texture spray on your curls and waves to give that lived-in, messy feel. And when curling, leave the ends out – as in don’t curl right to the ends. This gives a more effortless and loose look to the lob, which is what this style is all about.

The modern shag

For those growing out their hair, or who have fine, straight or wavy hair, then this is the style you need! The modern shag is effortless, choppy, layered and full of texture. What’s not to love?

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