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Whether your hair has been affected by sun exposure, it has been over processed, or it is simply just in poor condition, the Intense Muk Repair range is designed to treat even the most damaged hair.

Intense Muk Repair Shampoo (RRP £9.75)

The Intense Muk Repair Shampoo provides the perfect balance of moisture, while the protein rich make up of the product will help increase the strength, elasticity and shine of your hair. Suitable for dry, damaged, over treated or brittle hair, the mango fragranced protein rich shampoo will not harden the hair.

Intense Muk Repair Conditioner (RRP £9.75)

Balancing protein and moisture in the hair, the Intense Muk Repair Conditioner will help increase the strength, elasticity and shine of your hair, while also minimising hair breakages. Risk of over proteinisation is eliminated as this protein rich conditioner will not harden the hair and the subtle mango fragranced conditioner is suitable for dry, damaged or brittle hair.

Intense Muk Repair Treatment (RRP £11.75)

Increase the strength, elasticity and shine of your hair with the Intense Muk Repair Treatment which is designed to nourish the hair while balancing moisture. After washing with Intense Muk Shampoo you should apply the treatment from root to tip and comb it through, before covering and leaving it to process for up to 20 minutes. For maximum effect process under a steamer, accelerator or heat. The mango fragranced treatment is suitable for over processed, dry, damaged and brittle hair.

Made in Australia, all products within the Intense Muk range are PETA approved and available in professional hairdressing salons nationwide.

To stock in your salon visit or call 02476 661906

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